Spectrum 003

Nine bass music recommendations feat. Ilk, Special Request, Veill, Mantra, Arcane, Protect Ryan, DRS, Maltin Worf, Fracture & Sam Binga.

Spectrum 003
Spectrum 003 - nine bass music recommendations
In the Spectrum series, I recommend bass music that I have discovered and bought on Bandcamp. All featured tracks can be found in the Spectrum playlist. To receive posts by email and to comment sign up here. Your feedback is welcome.

Protect Ryan - Party Tracks For Horse Girls EP | Gutterfunk

I first came across the three-people project from Bristol with this EP, which has since two more releases on Gutterfunk, DJ Die's label. Contact is my favorite of the four breakbeat tracks because it's not only a fantastic opening tune, but also has a epic, dreamy ending.

Ilk - All Tied Up | self release

The Brightonian is favorited by a lot of friends in the jungle community. All Tied Up from 2020 is a massive 130 bpm breakbeat tune on which he lays out mysterious trails and traps in a never-boring way. The minimal but effective stomper takes its time and that's a very good thing.

Fracture & Sam Binga - Omura LP | Astrophonica

It's no surprise that two of the UK's finest bass music producers, always keen to flip the script of what's possible on the dancefloor, have come up with an electro album eventually. Cold Edge is my favorite tune because everything falls into place so perfectly: from the sound design to songwriting to the impeccable mixdown.

Arcane - Above and Beyond EP | Defrostatica

140 bpm is a magic tempo point for many British bass music genres, from oldschool hardcore to dubstep to grime. Arcane choose this b-boy-ish but atmospheric opener before his all out rave tracks on his second EP for Defrostatica - and I can't get enough of it.

Mantra - Damaged EP | Sneaker Social Club

Rupture nights co-founder Mantra debuts with her first solo EP on the modernist hardcore imprint Sneaker Social Club. Damaged is a dark UKG track with ice-cold drums laid confidently over heavy subs and harrowing samples and pads. Weapon!

Special Request - Belief System LP | Houndstooth

This album "runs the gamut of nighttime electronic music, sharply murky" as Bill DeBlase so aptly put it in the comments on the release. Make It Real summarizes the history of club culture, which is characterized by warehouse raves on the one hand and repressive laws and the police on the other, like a fable - a very well-made fable.

Veill - Echo Chamber / Shadow Self / Verge Of | Futurepast Zine

The Birmingham based Futurepast Zine publishes fanzines, releases and promotes label nights with so much heart and soul that it's well worth checking out. On this three-tracker, London based Veill shows the jazz-heavy side of various strains of UK Bass music. Favorite tune is Shadow Self because it contains Dollis Hill DNA, and I really like that.

DRS - I Don't Usually Like MC's but … | Soul:r

DRS is one half of Manchester hip hop duo Broke ‘n’ English. The first time I heard him was alongside Calibre in a Breezeblock mix in 2005 and I loved it right away. His first solo album on the label of Marcus Intalex and ST Files is nothing less than a cornerstone of the finest drum and bass music and MC culture. My favorite song is Habitual feat. Calibre because the narrated vulnerable side of addiction fits so well with the low tempo and mood.

Maltin Worf - 4AM EP | Defrostatica

Four very different but distinct Maltin Worf tracks are on this wonderful EP. My favorite is the opener and title track 4AM, a time-melting piece that flips from 160 to 120 and back again all the while retaining a powerful balance of euphoria and extraordinary weight.

Spectrum 003 - all tracks in the mix

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