Spectrum 002

Nine bass music recommendations feat. Yorobi, Worst Behavior Rec., Sinistarr, Okzharp, Noroi, Kessler, Generate, Ginkø x BSN Posse and Airstrike x Lyndon Jarr.

Spectrum 002
Spectrum 002 - nine bass music recommendations
In the Spectrum series, I recommend bass music that I have discovered and bought on Bandcamp. All featured tracks can be found in the Spectrum playlist. To receive posts by email and to comment sign up here. Your feedback is welcome.

Kessler - Lunar EP | Elicit

This is an interesting jungle recommendation by Schnesen, he's from my hometown Leipzig as well. The drum edits are crazy good and always support the overall atmospheric vibe of the tunes. Favorite tune is Black Sky because the breaks on 150 bpm are working so so well. Bonus kudos for the track title "F**k Off With Your Horoscopes".

Generate - Engines EP | Antilounge

Listening to Kessler brought me back to Generate on Antilounge, another label from the Netherlands. Engines EP presents slowfast, wonky and jungle in a vortex that defies first floor mentality without being aimless. Imagination and the Missingsense remix are my favorites because they are pure drama.

Yorobi - Projection Palace EP | OMOTT

Amsterdam's Yorobi released the EP On My Own Terms / Time, an impressing jungle breakbeat self release that is also available on 12" vinyl. Favorite tune is Projection Palace (Night Terrors Mix) because, and I quote her own words "is more aggressive, ravey and a true walk down memory lane at it’s darkest". I appreciate the written context to each track a lot, worth checking out.

Ginkø x BSN Posse - Nobody EP | Defrostatica

Disclaimer: I released this on my label but as I see myself listening to it for the better part of this year I figured why not recommend it as well? Another good question is if passionate autonomic music isn't a contradiction in itself but it feels so damn right. Of course it's hard to pick a favorite tune here, I'm going with Nobody not least because of the Pablo Dread remix that is coming out next Friday.

Noroi - Adrastea EP | Spheres / Rua Sound

Absolutely love the risk that Rob from Rua Sound is taking to add another sidelabel to his main jungle outlet and this EP by Rome-based producer Noroi. Favorite tune is the absolute banger that is Transoceanic because of the intriguing combination of a perfectly cold 145 bpm beat and lush pads and a relaxed sub bass.

VA - Worst Behavior, Vol. 4 | Worst Behavior

Founded by Anna Morgan and Bell Curve from New York, the label and event series are releasing their fourth edition of the 160 bpm heaters they're known for. Favorite tune is Diggity by Nikes & Sharawi because of the perfect blend of jungle (cold sweat break ftw!) and minimal yet upfront footwork aesthetic.

Okzsharp - Outside The Ride | Hyperdub

Born in South Africa and now based in South East London, Okzharp presents seven tracks that explore a chimera of turn of the century gqom, techstep and footwork. Favorite track is Fen's Touch because the hook repetition is designed to truly get lost in the dance. Expect flashback experiences while you're standing in the queue at the supermarket.

Rochelle Jordan - Play With The Changes Remixed | Young Art Records

Another album I find myself turning to from time to time is the remix-fest of who-is-who producer line up that forms a reimagination of Rochelle's acclaimed 2021 album Play With The Changes. Favorite remix is Next 2 You (Sinistarr Remix) because at 150 bpm it stirs a 'rowdy clap vs filtered breakbeats vs nasty bassline vs ethereal voice' frenzy.

Airstrike & Lyndon Jarr - Sunrise Selection | Static and Strange

Offshot of drum and bass label Unchained Asia which focuses on non-linear explorations in bass music across a wide variety of soundscapes. Favorite tune is the 130 bpm breakbeat workout Sunrise Selection that has Underworld vs Djrum DNA all over it.

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