Spectrum 001

Nine bass music recommendations feat. Sun People, Seba & Paradox, wrk.dat, The Era Footwork Crew, Broken Lip & mailor soon, Special Request, Russ Brooker, EQ Why.

Spectrum 001
Spectrum 001 - nine bass music recommendations
In the Spectrum series, I recommend bass music that I have discovered and bought on Bandcamp. All featured tracks can be found in the Spectrum playlist. To receive posts by email and to comment sign up here. Your feedback is welcome.

Sun People - Joyfull Discontent | Outlines / Guides

A tribute to minimalism by Graz' finest. Structurally and sonically, the spirit of clicks & cuts can be heard, as well as influences from dub, ambient and minimalist drum & bass and footwork. Favorite track: Danger Of Ambition. I love the titles of the tracks.

Seba & Paradox - Volt | Ilian Tape

Munich's Zenker Brothers welcome Paradox back again to the label, this time in collaboration with Seba. 140 bpm breakbeats to widen the horizon of their techno audience is the way of Volt - my favorite track.

Wrk.dat - w.d 03 | wrk.dat

Wrk.dat - also from Munich - lures the 160 bpm juke crowd into ever-shimmering techno. Favorite track is Chit Chat because the opening groove dissolves seamingly into the eerie vibe of never ending dopamine shots.

The Era Footwork Crew (feat. Litebuld and Steelo) - 160 | The Era

Bulb wrote the lyrics capturing the most influential moments in his early upbringing into the Footwork summarizing nearly 15 years of work and community building into two verses and a chorus over a beat by DJ Spinn - see the lyrics on the release page and watch the making of. So good.

Broken Lip & mailor soon - postcapitalist desire | BSN Posse

More producers should read Mark Fisher's "Postcapitalist desire" if only they make music as captivating as one half of BSN Posse and mailor soon does. The original is bittersweet but the Ginkø remix and his bass line stirs my 90s downbeat memory like no one else.

Special Request - Compassion | !K7

The lavish sonics by Paul Woolford aka Special Request are destined to show compassion and evoke empathy because they blur the grim currents rather denying them. Favorite track is Petrichor.

Broken lip & mailor soon - missinu (Broken Lip remix) | BSN Posse

Another atmospheric footworkjungle track from the Iberian Juke camp, nice to see that they still put their heart and soul into their music.

EQ Why - w.d 01 | wrk.dat

One of Chicago's footwork originators blessed wrk.dat's label with three tunes that go hard under the silk melodies. Got Dropped Off is my favorite.

Russ Brooker - 97-98 EP | Rua Sound

Irish jungle label Rua Sound introduces Russ Brooker and his fierce breakbeat reminiscence. My favorite track is the 140 bpm Breathe because of the sharp yet soulful minimalism. I like the artwork by DJ Egg a lot.

Bonus read: Haruki Murakami - Always On The Side of the Egg | Haaretz

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