150 bpm club tracks playlist

Sam Binga inspired me to make a 150 bpm playlist to bridge the 140-160 bpm gap for club tracks.

150 bpm club tracks playlist
club tracks around 150 bpm

Sam Binga made a video on Instagram on Monday explaining his latest remix and why he is excited about this range for club tracks - and so am I.

Sam Binga breaking it down in a minute

Here's what Sam Binga said:

"Dunno about you but I feel like for a long time there's a bit of a gap between 140 bpm and 160 bpm. At 140 you had grime and garage and dubstep, at 130 you had UK funky and in between you had Bmore and stuff like that. And then at 160 you know we had the footwork explosion which got everyone excited about that again but like round about the 150 bpm range in between those two 140 and 160 it felt like a dead zone for a while but recently I've been really enjoying finding and releasing tunes that fit in that gap. Amy Kisnorbo does this really well and this EP with Ron Mercy is all in that kind of pocket as well. So yeah it's been really fun finding new things to do in that sort of that range - bit of of sort of unexplored territory for me I feel. So I did a remix for the track 'Bendy' on this EP. It's about 145 bpm, so it's in that kind of that gap that I'm talking about, it's got a sort of Jersey / Baltimore kick pattern - there's some amazing Jersey tunes around 150 - it's not just a straight 4/4, just pulling the kicks around a bit. It got a techno feel, it's very much like a loopy tracky tune that you can just get in the mix with - it does sound pretty hench out, yeah it's been a lot of fun making it although I did end up doing a whole different version which didn't work … I got stuck in an airport for 8 hours one night and I ended up like sampling my own remix to do a remix of the remix and that's what got released … Jheeeez!"

As I nodded along and then bagged his remix, I opened my own 150 bpm tracks folder and found playlists called 'electro tech', 'breaks' and 'serotonin' - and felt the excitement of mixing the new with the tried and tested across a wide range of styles but within that tempo range. To help discover the "unexplored territory" I made a playlist to bridge the breaks-grime-dubstep-bmore-electro zone with the footwork-juke-jungle zone and have some fun at 150 bpm.

You'll find the 150 playlist on Buymusic/Bandcamp (not all tracks are on Bandcamp), Beatport (they limit the playlists to 30 tracks though) where you could buy the tracks you like or stream the tracks on Apple Music, Spotify and Deezer.

If you like to see a track in the 150 playlist send me an email and I may add it to the list.